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Caged Under Obama:Mexico To Guatemala  By Poppen Report
eBook (PDF): $2.99
When we talk about immigration,often times the focus is only on the adults and the children are victimized by the political system acting on trying to prevent open borders. But kids can be kidnapped..

Where Are The Girls? Obama Admin Allowed Prostitution Rings By Poppen Report
eBook (PDF): $1.99
We take a look at the timestamped photos used as evidence against Obama Administration for violation of immigration laws by changing policies to fit political agenda. We learn that the children... More >

By Poppen Report

When President Trump is called an expletive word by a person elected from Michigan to take over John Conyers seat the world sees how unstable that Palestinian woman really is;making many people wake up and accept they made a mistake. They will not be voting for her 2nd term the same way no recall has been requested or will be allowed by Speaker of House Pelosi to try and bury the bad image of a freshman representative not "fit for the job". She has no moral compass Rashida Tlaib,nor Pelosi if she doesn't hold a special election and get right person to fill the seat. She has made history for Michigan and Democratic party,being the Kryptonite to Democratic party that will take them down for 2020 Presidential Election.