"THE VOICE THE WORLD HEARS, THE ONE THAT CARES" (C)2022/2029- Broadcasting From Japan,UK, Russia,and Saudi Arabia

Poppen Analysis Uniformed Scientific Evaluation

When we deal with global issues,we must slow down and take time to see the obstacles around us. We must independently analyze the situation and assess the basic questions,to reach the discovery of answers that will be detrimental to solving mysteries around the globe like COVID-19.

Through evaluation of independent research globally,we can discover sometimes the solutions are not always broadcast on the television or mainstream channels of communication in USA; or that an unbiased or politically motivated narrative isn't left out of the conversation of basic science,basic questioning,and uniformed critical thinking procedures.

We must slow down,pause and take a deep breath, to analyze independently around ourselves what is politics,what is fantasy,what is personal bias, and what is basic reality before assuming the mainstream narrative isn't "smoke and mirrors".