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GOP Lives In Movies Tackling Imaginary Problems,Democrats Live In Reality

Posted on November 4, 2022 at 12:10 AM


While the Democrats live in reality and tackle the real world problems facing us all in this nation USA,the GOP think we might be invaded by aliens like seen in film "War of the Worlds" with Tom Cruise. A nation once divided under Trump Administration has seen better days with President Biden. We will not allow that dark cloud to hang over our heads again moving into Midterms 2022 and beyond with future election cycles. We chose unity and diversity over hatred,bigotry and division by the GOP.

Imaginary problems created by GOP include past presidential election in 2020,we had mules galloping or running up and down our streets stuffing ballot boxes.Nothing was ever found. Why? It was their pure imagination trying to draw up one conspiracy after another while joining the Q line to drink the flavor of the day as Trump Supporters allegedly. When election day comes again their bubbles are popped and reality sets in,the vocal majority are enjoying a Happy America that is united,and we are seeing dreams lived out or reached.Where at one point for 4 years under the "Orange Occupancy of White House" it was an American Horror Story.

Finally,we seen younger voters and first time voters turn out in record numbers to make their voices heard,and keep the dream alive. We will not go down that rabbit hole again of deep silence,and stay loud with our voices and votes at  the polling precincts. We love our dreams,we love our bright future as individuals and a nation. The future is our children,and our grandbabies who will also grow up to make a difference and keep us out of that darkness.

We will vote blue,when it keeps dreams alive.We won't vote red when it causes deep oppression,recession,high crime rates,and division amongst our peers all year round.

So let the GOP tackle the imaginary problems of Monsters Inc like animated movie, trying to keep monsters from coming out of closets and under the beds.  Democrats will clean up the streets, save our American Dreams,and allow us to smile more each day moving forward.Knowing that dark cloud won't hover again over our heads.

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