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If GOP Cared About Accountability,They Would Have Replaced McConnell & Pence For Inciting Crowd on 1/6/21

Posted on May 30, 2022 at 11:15 AM

If GOP wanted accountability in USA they would have held special election,after Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence incited the crowds on January 6th 2021. But the priorities are out of order with many politicians in the red states, if they lose fair and square they still challenge the results with a recount. When the voters wanted real change and not the sore loser reply. They should move on down the road after things are certified and accurate.

When VP Pence failed to use Constitution as basis to review results of 2020 Presidential Election,and McConnell showed he cannot be trusted with his "bad leadership personality" or values system. GOP cannot blame the mules standalone if your not willing to admit you ran a weaker political campaign strategy,and back down from fighting for your constituents/voters and throw in the towel when things get dirty.

American people were sick and tired of the poor poor me replies,over the years and started really pushing for changes needed in USA with 2020 Presidential Election. But people didn't get out into the streets if they supported Trump or challenge results,they just chose to wait for the next election cycle like it was washing dirty laundry. Things change in a country when people allow it in their lifetimes,and feel they can wait until 2024 election cycle and just vote.

Politics was always a dirty game,so Republicans that don't play will not win. Democrats know how to win by any means necessary and that is the political landscape going back to the Civil War. If people want something new,they vote for the young politicians or fresh crop of candidates. Far too many people assume that things sort themselves out without fighting for democracy,so people can chase their dreams.

Issues like Gun control have been major problem since Columbine HS shooting,and unless the people raise enough of their voices for safer classrooms and mitigation that works. Problems will not get resolved by simply waiting around for things to sort themselves out. We must put kids over guns,not other way around because you received donations from gun manufacturers,etc.

Which is why first step in closing to accountability in America,we should have seen a special election by GOP to remove Mitch McConnell and investigate why Mike Pence had "selective amnesia" and couldn't remember the Constitution on January 6th 2021.

But that didn't happen and shows GOP in some areas more than others,don't fight for the American people.Which is why voters demanded a third major party to vote for,where victories are achieved because someone fought for your dreams. Instead of leaving with American Horror Story that affects so many generations of people.

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