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Mule In Michigan & Pennsylvania Messes With GOP Ballots To Not Have Strongest Names Listed

Posted on May 28, 2022 at 3:40 PM





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Mule In Michigan & Pennsylvania Messes With GOP Ballots To Not Have Strongest Names Listed



Detroit, MI, 5-28-22


When I investigated the company First Choice General Contracting in Michigan they are listed as name reservation, and were formed on December 10th,2021. One of the companies listed with this one is Ghost Enterprises LLC which was formed on December 12th 2019. This allowed the company to be formed ahead of 2020 Presidential Election Cycle to commit fraud and related crimes.


Now with Michigan Governor Race of 2022, Shawn Douglas Wilmoth who was contracted allegedly by members of State Democrat Party, was convicted of Class 5 Felony for Election Fraud; back on 3/28/2011 in the State of Virginia and went to Motor City as a mule with others to commit fraud on signatures with ballots.


Ghost Enterprises LLC company now using mules in Michigan to mess up ballots for GOP running for Governor, is also in Pennsylvania causing problems with Dr Oz and State GOP running for Senate. With one person caught,there are others planted throughout select races to benefit the Democratic State Party,who know their candidates cannot beat the GOP without causing problems that occurred in 2020.


Keep in mind the Democratic controlled courts and areas needed to support investigations into cases of fraud for election cycles,their implicit on tossing any appeal process into the wastebins. They want to protect the party, ignore election honesty and integrity,and are using Midterms in 2022 to see if they can repeat the “2000 Mules Operation” as seen in documentary by Dinesh D’Souza. If successful they will move forward with trying to keep Donald Trump and GOP from all states, out of the White House and having victories in political races on all levels going into November 2024.


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