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Handwashing With Only Water Keeps Good Bacteria,Sanitizers Kill It

Posted on March 12, 2020 at 8:25 PM

As I remember reading in 2019,Japan came out with proof that washing hands with only water does far more in prevention when it comes bacteria on surfaces,pathogens,and health issue related to what travels in the air when the sick group is exhaling or inhaling virus particles.

Washing hands with soap or sanitizers scrubs away the good bacteria on our bodies that combat the viruses largely stemming around bad germs or bacteria on surfaces on global scale.

In other words avoid man made products and use only what god gave you on planet earth to combat the virus,germs,and all things bad in category of virology that make us sick.-

Poppen Report


New research: Hand sanitizers no match for Influenza-A

A squirt of hand sanitizer may be giving you a false sense of health security.

Author: Craig Hotvedt

Published: 9:26 AM PDT September 20, 2019

Updated: 4:00 PM PDT September 21, 2019


GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — So your co-worker is a coughing, sneezing mess who should have stayed home. Used tissues pile up in his trash bin. You can’t even imagine what lurks on his keyboard or phone. And he's NOT the only one.


Question is, how do you keep yourself from becoming the infected with the crud making the rounds at work?


For many, the answer is to quickly reach for the bottle of hand sanitizer. But new research out of Japan shows that bottle may be providing a false sense of security if the co-worker is infected with influenza-A, a strain of the flu.


Researchers from Kyoto Profectural University of Medicine have been testing the effectiveness of ethanol-based hand sanitizers. Their findings show it takes four minutes of rubbing ethanol-based sanitizers on your hands before the influenza-A virus is killed.


Lead researcher Ryohei Hirose, PH.D., MD, says influenza-A viruses that are coughed up by an infected person are encased in a mucus. Scientists found ethanol-based hand sanitizers need four minutes to cut through the mucus coating.


On the other hand, the research team says hand washing for at least 30 seconds, even without soap, is more effective at eliminating the spread of influenza-A virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say regular hand washing is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of germs to others.


RELATED: VERIFY: Is hand sanitizer as effective as washing your hands?


"You're scrubbing your hands, you've got running water, you're sort of breaking the little bonds that the bacteria or the virus make with your skin cells and they're just being flushed away," said Dr. Craig Hedberg with the University of Minnesota's School of Public Health, as to why hand washing is so effective.


Dr. Hedberg says this study doesn't necessarily mean you have to ditch the hand sanitizer, just know that it is not a replacement for washing your hands.


"If you're in a setting where you can't wash your hands, it gives you some protection. It's an additional thing you can do to fill the gap," he said.


There is a right and wrong way to wash your hands. The CDC video on the right way can be seen on the agency website.


The Japanese study was published this week by the journal mSphere.



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