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Posted on March 25, 2016 at 12:55 AM

What American people must understand,they have not had freedom for 80 years and it began with Reagan Administration passing or changing laws,so the average citizen between borders may know someone does wrong in their lifetimes;but the laws say that is not against the law or criminal behavior.

So when Office of Refugee Resettlement was formed first as an idea and put into creation,and fully operational those staff had laws rewritten that said if the United States sends these people into Central American countries posing as social workers/nuns;to kidnap children and bring them back to U.S. soil their are protected under rewritten law.

When Bush Sr and Jr had their job titles with White House and Admnistration for 4 years or 8 years,laws were passed as USA always does showing that nothing is illegal in their minds;because the law says it's legal behavior or actions committed on U.S. Soil.

That leaves American citizens actually prisoners between borders,where laws are written everyday to take down anybody telling the truth or getting too close to truth on things committed by Insidious USA.

When you look at story of African American guy taking to Twitter and a single tweet about how he felt towards President Obama;has now landed him in GITMO or federal prison.THeir is no free expression or speech bu it's an illusion for entrapment,when the American fails to see all left standing in a forest are dying trees losing oxygen.

This incident with Social Media helped new law be passed stripping Americans of freedoms or options since they never had freedoms anyway for 80 years,by creating a algorithm that pinpoints allegedly criminal behavior on internet before the crimes are committed in streets of USA.

So when Pre-crime Unit is announced and other countries are doing it,the group that actually controls USA and other countries wanted everybody dumbed down through use of chemtrails with forced vax laws;so that is no longer a medical choice of yours as individual liberty or right.

Freedom died 80 yrs ago,and final nails in the coffins of every individual wanting to believe laws are written to protect the majority called 99% in USA;fail to see laws are written to protect insidious behaviors of staff in small offices spread throughout United States at Office of Refugee Resettlement and Health and Human Services.

The laws are never written to protect you the general public with drones in the sky,when that is a upgrade from detecting your body heat 80 years ago under Reagan Admnistration,to today with modernized technology on every street corner and drone in the sky spying on your or watching your every move. Because a law was written called NDAA,National Defense Authorization Act and Real ID Act, that enforces no more privacy in your lifetimes between U.S.borders for greater purpose of fighting terror in the world.

So in conclusion,the top 1% and New World Order Group and business related organizations working with them have written laws the last 80 years to protect themselves,not you the 99% because if laws are written stripping you of freedoms every month.You are just being reminded you never were free,or will see freedom again in your lifetimes like last 80 years.

And the laws as their true intended purposes are for,is to protect the top 1% and show as written in the laws last 80 years people like Office of Refugee Resettlement can never be called criminals;as U.S. Government at highest level passed laws showing these staff can never be held accountable for known criminal activities as they are protected by laws.

So we may know separating families from their children that come from Central American Countries to U.S.borders or kidnapping them in their home country that is always better than USA;is criminal behavior the laws have been written stating all the staff of ORR are justified in their decisions 24/7 even when kids belong at home with their biological or legal families.

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