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Posted on March 9, 2016 at 6:35 PM

Office of Refugee Resettlement is above family togetherness in 2016,when their attitudes when families of same dna call get the runaround "72 hours waiting period".So in order to get answers you must keep calling until someone understands this is the humane thing to do,and not question authority but confirm the children are not altered in any way.

If a child is altered in any way by a psychotropic drug,or forced to undergo dna testing for purposes not of this earth then the "X-Files" tv show and movie franchise is not that far off base in reality. But we will never know the truth,for they are above god and my documentation of experiences,over the phone,via email,and in person,plus the everyday research analysis from books and all methods of information.

Office of Refugee Resettlement must show at some point accountability in America,otherwise don't even waste your time with the real American people by showing up to committee hearings.Embrace who you are,and we already know many of your staff are "wolves in sheeps clothing". So just be honest with what you won't do at all,in answering questions,and show us what you actually do with the children like putting them on display in a major city or another part of the world.

So when questions are asked and you laugh in the face of families,committees,and all those wanting to preserve humanity.Then yes,you are above god in your arrogance debacle,showing us that words don't scare you or do they when the trees on Capital Hill got shaken by myself on my show.

Nobody is above god,unless their "immortal" or worshipping another god not exactly behind pearly gates and fluffy clouds.Something pretty and nice is not Office of Refugee Resettlement,just nightmares and dreamscapes not written by Author Stephen King.

So go ahead and keep the children from Latin America and Mexico,separated illegally from their families but remember if Rapunzel was able to let down her hair and have a prince rescue her;these rules that include no shoes can be brought to the child,for fear they might escape the fences while telling public on a website.

They are all their on free will,and don't wish to escape or are happy but visitors are not allowed once the child is separated from parent or guardian,and place into Office of Refugee Resettlement with supporting programs such as Catholic Charities or Catholic Guardians.

They leave the borders of USA,and exit Family Detention Centers like Don Hutto in Texas only to never see their families again for months,and some children a few years until they age out of the operations called Office of Refugee Resettlement.

And in closing,when I inquired on the phone back in December 2015,about children in their facilities,and was forced to leave voicemails "being lucky in having that option available" I find out they filed a complaint regarding my concern for the welfare of children.

What conspiracy theories are not in reality around Office of Refugee Resettlement,on 3/9/16,let's just say you can play tic tac toe with what theories actually exist around the lies circled by this agency.

In other words their is enough reality to go around for everybody,proving USA is running illegal operations behind Office of Refugee Resettlement,and nothing will change when kids are crying for their families everyday and theories became factual.

Not just some favorite Sci-Fi movie like Star Trek Generations,Star Trek First Contact,and anything that has to do with Artificial Intelligence.Which was great movie by Steven Spielberg by the way,so keep calling the agency with a small office at phone numbers listed on their websites.

Stay pro-active and keep calling,is the first step everybody in the world can do if they care about children in Latin American countries,and prefer keeping their families together not separated and hidden behind a invisible fortress spread throughout United States called ORR or Office of Refugee Resettlement.

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