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Posted on February 3, 2016 at 12:35 AM

Instead of Iowa Caucus representing all of America's best interests at heart to restore things taken away in our lifetimes including freedoms and jobs shipped overseas,many at the Caucus vested more time from Latino Viewpoint to choose the guy with latino last name in hopes the new deportation plan announced by Obama Administration won't continue with GOP.

But here is the sad thing again,Iowa Caucus for GOP can pass amnesty right away when they get into White House,but that is not necessary as majority of people are not Latino in United States;so the Southern States will not be won by Ted Cruz as he is still a minority in those states and the Deep South elects those who are "True Southern Pride".

If Latinos or American Citizens wish to restore their faith in god,why not start with renewing yoru freedoms,choices,and not staying on a crash course in politics by electing "Donald Trump the businessman",and be safe with your families as he never worked for the establishment that ruined American dreams and hopes,nationwide.

The establishment are the monies paid to all the politicians whom,would rather have fatter purses and wallets than representing "You the American People". A nation bankrupt with "IOU'S" is not a nation united,but simply divided because of political correctness in every state.

But with Donald Trump 2016 GOP Campaign,you had a businessman as he is no politician working against the American people,rather with the "We The People"as people often forget in politics;to restore their faith and throw away that "empty hope" brought forth by Obama Administration and politicians on both sides of the field in two major parties.

You have a businessman named Trump,who would bring jobs back to America,at a time now factories overseas are closing that ruined America's economy by providing their foreign cars,but refused to take our American Autos.

In order for change to occur in our lifetimes,people in a caucus or election make up the environment we live in and avoid responsibility for their actions by simply being under an umbrella of "political correctness" to be mute or silent voices;that is worse than actions of any country that strip away your choice to refuse vaccines and stand on a wildlife refuge to claim 'free choices for all".

When laws are passed by the establishment which Ted Cruz and other politicians work for in America,the 2016 GOP field with the Iowa Caucus has showed,the past is allowed to bite us in rear again already by forgetting simple,basic recurring history points .

A few history recurring points in wrapping this up ,Iraq War was a misled pre-emptive strike not just against Middle East but America's Heartland of Dreams and freedom,where afterward in White House that elected President admitted he lied about WMD's. And just wanted revenge for his father back in 1991 or simply put "Persian Gulf War" where Saddam Hussein didn't like George H.W. Bush.

Then we come to gun control issues and Veteran Medical Care,with former soldiers who returned from overseas who lost their jobs,homes,vehicles,and are refused daily medical care by hospitals who have them placed on 'delayed waiting lists" where they purge the names of heroes from getting better,by getting treatment for PTSD and other medical issues.

2015 ended with half of our divided nation,being rendered homeless and unemployed but only one billionaire who can employ all of America;through businessman negotiations around a table is named Donald Trump.

If we embark on a sinking Titanic ship ride,in 2016 GOP Race for White House by not electing Donald Trump.We are setting ourselves up for this size of a disaster like Titanic,"Cruz'n For A Bruisin".

And a nation divided will eventually become a civil war in the heartland,thanks to the Caucuses in Midwest and nationwide.That will not surrender their guns because as those who defended a country called USA in uniform for military,actually went overseas to defend and protect their families,loved ones,and friends from dangerous environments.

But will do the same here in Heartland and all over the United States,because simply put "they are defending the same people,they actually wanted to protect from a Civil War or invasion into United States like RED DAWN scenarios".

We must elect Donald Trump in 2016 GOP Presidential Election,for he can slow down the establishment and freeze their executive orders,that wish to split up families non-stop as done at the borders with Central American families,to qualify their children for "Office of Refugee Resettlement to get billions of dollars,as part of the establishment".

He is our real life hero,like it or not,closest to the thing we actually need or people will be using their Passports to leave America,the minute both elected candidates are confirmed from both sides of the playing field for two major political parties in GOP and Democratic Party.

Remember you had only one businessman,who wanted to "Make America Great Again",and that was not Ted Cruz or other politicians working for the establishment only wanting "We The People" to be bruised by more dangerous EXECUTIVE ORDERS AND POLICIES keeping us industrialized slaves without enough steady income to pay our bills,and provide food for our families.

Which is not family values of positivity,rather in reality a 'dysfunctional nation' wanting to fed things from a "Soylent Green factory run by Monsanto" part of the establishment;that causes us to become weak and not defy Authority demanding "Accountability in America'.

With Donald Trump,you have already let your voices be heard as young or old people,but it is the action of voting in Caucuses and Elections letting "Big Brother Government know you truly don't like being poorer than top 1%".

Let Donald Trump provide equality for us all,by closing the borders which provides national security and protection from dangerous groups and viruses,then restore our jobs by re-opening factories shut down by greed in high executive offices.

Make America Great Again,and bringing actual physical jobs back to America,not Virtual Reality jobs,together with Donald Trump people can move back into their homes or buy one for their families and provide food on the table,and wealth for us all.

Signing off,Poppen Report

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